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Hi, I'm Andy P and my story with a camera goes back many many years.  In my youth I never had the point and click camera out of my hand and loved sending the films away to get developed.  What came back wasn't always great though.

In more recent times I upgraded my kit and decided to up my game a little.  The reasons were twofold firstly I wanted to start taking better photos for my entertainment business.  Better photos for the website, social media and marketing publications lead onto doing party photography and running a photobooth.


Secondly I needed better equipment to start my degree at uni and I'm halfway through my Bachelor of Arts in Photography, Video and Digital Imaging at the Northern Centre for Photography.

I love just about any style of photography be it working with people, travelling about and taking landscapes or getting experimental.  I love to share the images I make and spend a long time editing and improving my shots.

My motto is practice practice practice and I attend fortnightly sessions to constantly improve my skill, I don't do resting on laurels anyone who thinks for a second they can't learn any more, has it wrong.

I can work outdoors or in the studio with equal ease meaning I can produce just about any type of shoot.  I love to be challenged and many of my contemporaries love my editing style.


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