Party Photos

This is my true love and really how I got started in professional photography.  For many years I've ran an entertainment company and over the years the need to advertise yourself online has grown so I started out mainly taking pictures of my equipment set up and of the guests enjoying themselves.

Then as I learned to take better photos and edit them I discovered people like my photos and more and more clients would ask for photos to be taken as part of my entertainment packages.  For me this is different to the standard images you get from a wedding photographer at a wedding.  Why? well as I'm more focussed on the experience I try to capture the colour that the flash or strobe would normally remove.  This is tricky and needs vastly different settings and approach.  The outcome is more vibrant images with the colour that existed on the night.

If your having a milestone party I can provide photography and more.  If your having a formal or corporate event I can provide a pop up studio and even image printing.  For more of my work click here.

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