For any photographer who wants to take photos of people, mastering portraiture is a must.  Capturing a good portrait is not just about getting the lighting correct, framing the photo well and nailing exposure.  True portraiture captures the personality too otherwise your photos just end up looking like your comprehensive school yearbook.

True portraiture is all about the face, and really is should be the most prominent part of the photography.  Then its about distinguishing features, making sure you show attitude and identity.  While some good portraits are candid, constructed images allow you far more control over the position and environment.  I consider myself to be equally talented with taking studio and outdoor images and using the correct lighting to achieve the desired outcome.

People want portraits for all sorts of reasons.  Headshots for social media or use on websites, pictures to hang on the wall, creating your own modelling portfolio, so when you need a good portrait drop me a message if you like my work.  View my full Gallery here or press the camera button to see my Black and White work.

During the Corona Virus lockdown I did a series of re-edits - the revisited.  Please click the link to view them LINK.


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