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Digital Photography and Basic Theory

As a first year student one of the first things we learned was the theory behind photography, how to shoot in manual mode and the the benefits and drawbacks of working with digital photography.

Four projects covered the use of digital photography, with requirements for submissions made with a simple digital camera. The trick was for some people, all they had shot in was automatic or priority mode. Others like myself had used full manual and learning about stops of light and the different features helped to perfect this skill.

The projects tested different attributes of shooting, one allowed for very little editing, shooting in jpeg only and in black and white. I did this project highlighting the architecture and brilliance of Newcastle's Grey Street.

The second project was covered here as part of the alternative printing processes as it had a requirement to print the final images. Another very useful part of that project was the in-depth learning of Lightroom.

Another piece of software we got to know and learn was Photoshop. There was no requirement to actually take photos for this project butI did. It was more about how to layer and match images in Photoshop to create realistic looking fakes.

A T-rex in Paris

The final project was long running and required a large series of images to be produced which worked with text and image. I did a piece on our industrial heritage looking at the landmarks of the post industrial period in a style inspired by John Kippin.

As digital will be my main form of photography I got on well with these projects and enjoyed the challenges, the travels and have carried on the practices in my own extra-curricular learning. I've created a series of prints of the northeast coastline as an ongoing personal project.


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