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Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Year one of uni introduced me to working in a studio as another way of taking photographs. I'd never used or even been in a studio before this, all my shots had been what is referred to as location, outdoors or indoors but somewhere not specific to the creation of photographs.

Although there are natural light studios, the first skill you need to master is using the various studio lights and backdrops to achieve the type of images you're aiming for. In most cases this will be either tungsten or strobe but there are others such as fluorescent or LED as well as a whole range of filters, gels and adaptors (snoots, barn doors, diffusers etc).

A typical portrait lighting setup with reflectors

My introduction to the studio started with still life photography project as discussed here. In the first year three of our projects were based in the studio so I got a good feel for it.

To get more practice I set up a short stay studio in a spare room at home, allowing me an easy way to practice with the lighting combinations and camera settings. I enjoyed the practice but quickly outgrew my home studio so started to book in and a range of other studio visits.

To build an effective portfolio I started off networking online in modelling/photography groups and learned about a few studios locally which did teaching sessions and group work nights. This got me through the door of a few working studios, I met the owners, the other photographers shooting and the models who were hired to pose.

It expanded my networking and presented me with a new set of challenges. Each model I worked with was different. Some were more fluent to work with, some took direction more readily, some wore very photogenic outfits and some were better with make up making editing easier. This threw up various challenges and made me question certain shooting and lighting styles.

I've managed to make friends with a great many photographers and models in a relatively small time. This has boosted my confidence especially when presenting my work and getting good critical feedback and praise. Some of the models I've gone on to work with again on my own, some of the studios I prefer to work in over others.

I've seen the work of fellow photographers who have worked with the same set, model and lighting but have a different style to me. This has been inspirational to me creating my own style and preferred editing finishes.

I've really got a feel for this type of commercial look photography and really enjoy working in the studio - these are definite areas I am looking to expand on. It also drives a lot of focus to my social media which is always a good thing.

Finally, back when I started I set myself a goal to get published in one the many modelling magazine you can apply to. On my first attempt I had my submission accepted by Dreamy Magazine and placed in the 76th edition. Better still, one of my Christmas images was selected for the festive edition so will be published next month. Thats two out of two.

Look out for my upcoming blog post where I'm running my own studio portfolio day.


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